KAN Festival: a platform exploring the best ways to speed up Africa’s development

By Tulinagwe Malopa

  • KAN Festival initiated to contribute to Africa’s development
  • The festival aims at exploring ways to understand and appreciate the Africa’s development journey

It is with no doubt that every nation has different ways of living its culture and coming up with strategies to speed up development from an individual level to the country at large.

From Africa, youths, activists, movement leaders, academia, artists, policy makers, private sectors, thought leaders and development practitioners have come together to assess Africa’s development journey and come up with better ways of speeding up changes.

These groups through the Knowledge, Arts and Networking Festival (KAN Festival) have come together to explore practical ways of understanding and appreciating each other’s role in, and deepening their contribution to, social development in its various manifestations.

The initiative is the initiation of the journey to development from the country to the continent level.

Khalila Mbowe, the KAN Festival director said despite the challenges that the world is facing, it is time for people to stand and make Africa a better place.

“In a time that has posed tumultuous for many in Africa and the world, KAN 2021 dares to envision a future of progress and collective prosperity. It is without naivety that we take on this feat; our understanding being the urgency and scale of which this platform must be convened and knowing that we cannot do this alone,” she said.

To archive the mission of KAN, from January 1 a series of coordinated digital online dialogues, workshops, hackathons and creative arts were prepared and done to drive participants and audience to commit in driving the continent’s development.

The finale of the festivals started on the 28th and will end on 30th January, 2021 at MS TCDC, Arusha, a diplomatic and tourism city, northern Tanzania.

The festival has been made possible with efforts of several partners including Nukta Africa, a Tanzanian digital media and technology startup company that specialises in digital and data storytelling.

Nukta Africa joined KAN Festival to share digital and data storytelling knowledge and skills to help people tell African stories with evidence and in more engaging ways.

In the festival, Nukta Africa had a series of media workshops that were led by Nuzulack Dausen, the CEO & Executive Editor of Nukta Africa which aimed at exposing creative experts, communication experts and others to principles, techniques and available digital tools that would help them in creating content.

“We live in a world where people like to get quality, accurate content and at high speed. Make sure you follow storytelling principles for accuracy and consider data most of the time to help the audience make rational decisions,” Dausen said.

Dausen said content creators have to make sure stories are well narrated and have voices to perfectly shape our narrative.

Nukta Africa produces data-driven content and provides consultancy and training services on data journalism, data visualisation, success stories production, multimedia storytelling and fact checking.

Themed, The African Development Agenda: A People Emerging, KAN FESTIVAL 2021 seeks to maintain KAN’s grassroots and high-level Pan African conversations to continuously influence a shift in our actions or thinking for increased civic competence and development participation across Africa.

Nukta Africa is an African digital media and technology company that specialises in training and development of digital and data-driven news stories and tools.