A story of award-winning data journalism in 2020

By Daniel Samson

Despite the devastating impact of the corona virus across the globe, in 2020 we continued to stick to our mission of transforming people’s lives through data and digital tools and content.

Apart from making all important Covid-19 available information to our audience, we invested more in producing high quality data-driven stories by producing content that not only appealed to our audiences but also enabled them to make right decisions in their daily and business lives.

We utilised both reliable local data, national and international data to produce high quality data-driven content that adhered to professionalism and accuracy.

We managed to produce more than 500 data driven stories accompanied by compelling infographics and multimedia storytelling in most cases on education, technology, safari, business and lifestyle.

Produced data-driven stories which were published in our online news portal (www.nukta.co.tz) and social media accounts sparked discussions, debates among social media users and at community level on aspects of accountability, transparency in resources utilisation and human rights in the country.

Our analytical stories not only helped the audience make decisions but were appreciated with other stakeholders on the impact they make to the community.

For two years consecutively our journalists have scooped data journalism awards.

In 2020, our journalist Rodgers George was named as best data journalist of the year 2020 by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in November 2020. He was along with two other journalists who were announced by the national statistics body that they are doing well on data reporting in Tanzania.

Nukta Africa’s Journalist Rodgers George announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) as among the Award winning data Journalists of the year 2020.

Rodgers was named as third winner after producing a data driven story on how tobacco use and business ruin people’s health while contributing to economic growth in Tanzania.

As we start 2021, we promise you to practise high quality data journalism to continue transforming people’s lives and contributing to national development. Stay with us as we grow together!