By Tulinagwe Malopa

On another victorious day, two journalists from Nukta Africa, Daniel Samson and Rodgers George emerged among the winners of the prestigious journalism awards in Tanzania including data journalism category.

Rodgers and Daniel scooped other journalists who were competing in education and data journalism categories in Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) 2020 in a gala held in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam.

The prestigious awards in the media industry are awarded by the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) with the aim of promoting an impactful media to the society through 19 categories including data journalism.


By Daniel Samson

Digital media including blogs, vlogs and podcasts has become the fastest growing media that spreads news beyond physical borders, as it connects its audience through the internet.

Despite its importance especially in sharing news, it poses serious quality challenges on what is supposed to go to the public due to limited gatekeeping. Who decides which information is right for the public? What kind of mechanism is applied by digital media outlets to provide content that is credible and just?

As we evaluate the press freedom journey around the world after celebrating the World Press Freedom Day on…

By Daniel Mwingira

For three years Nukta Africa had invested in fighting fake news to reduce misinformation and disinformation in Tanzania by publishing debunked stories as they happened.

However, during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 we boosted our efforts by joining other fact checkers in Africa like Pesa Check and Africa Check. Instead of publishing debunked misinformation as normal news, we embarked on full time fact checking and started with misinformation about Covid-19.

We launched our fact checking initiative dubbed Nukta Fakti on 1st May 2020 with initial support from Internews under the Boresha Habari program funded by USAID.


By Daniel Mwingira

In 2020 Nukta Africa through its flagship training program had a lot to celebrate despite the Covid-19 impact on our lives and businesses across the globe. We continued to take huge steps in helping journalists to realise their journalism and communication careers by filling in gaps in different emerging media skills.

In our training programs, journalists are trained and mentored on data journalism, narratives storytelling, fact checking, multimedia storytelling and specialised reporting such as renewable energy journalism. …

By Daniel Samson

Despite the devastating impact of the corona virus across the globe, in 2020 we continued to stick to our mission of transforming people’s lives through data and digital tools and content.

Apart from making all important Covid-19 available information to our audience, we invested more in producing high quality data-driven stories by producing content that not only appealed to our audiences but also enabled them to make right decisions in their daily and business lives.

We utilised both reliable local data, national and international data to produce high quality data-driven content that adhered to professionalism and accuracy.

By Tulinagwe Malopa

  • Success stories are an effective way to communicate your company’s growth and engage your customers.
  • You need to establish clear techniques to guide you through

Every organisation wants to share its impact to the public as a way to advance their brand to attract more customers. However, you can’t build your brand identity without success stories.

Today, customers require vendors to deliver solutions to their problems. …

By Tulinagwe Malopa

  • Nukta Africa celebrated by training students how to maximise the use of open data and increase accountability through data journalism
  • The training was a unique opportunity to the students to learn new things that will help them increase competency in their career after their studies

On March 6th of every year data experts and groups from different countries around the world join hands celebrating Open Data Day in different ways including organising local events, talks, seminars, demonstrations, hackathons even training by using open data in their communities.

The aim of celebrating this day is to recognise and…

By Rodgers George

  • The lab is meant to support the growth of digital and data journalism in the country
  • The space can be rent for a practical journalism training session at affordable prices

Dar es Salaam. For years in Tanzania journalists, journalism students and digital media entrepreneurs have been struggling to get a well-equipped space where they would go to learn emerging digital and data storytelling skills or use them while working on their journalism projects.

This is contrary to their colleagues in the non-media industry who have a couple of innovation hubs to use in the commercial capital, Dar…

By Tulinagwe Malopa

  • KAN Festival initiated to contribute to Africa’s development
  • The festival aims at exploring ways to understand and appreciate the Africa’s development journey

It is with no doubt that every nation has different ways of living its culture and coming up with strategies to speed up development from an individual level to the country at large.

From Africa, youths, activists, movement leaders, academia, artists, policy makers, private sectors, thought leaders and development practitioners have come together to assess Africa’s development journey and come up with better ways of speeding up changes.

These groups through the Knowledge, Arts and…

By Tulinagwe Malopa

Journalism has been changing over time due to the technological development that has been witnessed in recent years which has disrupted ways of gathering information, processing it and disseminating to the audience.

The ever changing technology which is famously known as digital disruption has brought a knowledge gap among the journalists and communication professionals in the world including Tanzania in terms of skills that can fit in with the current market needs.

Currently, it is very rare to find a journalist or communication professional who possesses multiple skills such as data storytelling techniques, fact checking and multimedia…

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